It has a wide range of paper weights from 35-210gsm and 1000 sheets feeding tray volume. What's more, the VR-7625 is compatible with a wide range of applications thanks to its 600 x 600 dpi resolution, network printing (can be connected with multiple computers), fast print 130 ppm,sorter mode and so on.

Sparkle: The Network Controller makes the VR-7625 ideal for government offices, schools and corporations�where a LAN environment is well established.

The ultimate in low-cost, high-quality printing

The more printouts you make with one master, the lower cost of those printouts. The print speed can be reached up to 130 pages per minute. It is widely used in school, office, government and print shop, where�usually print large volume pages.

Environment friendly

There's no energy-intensive heater which means no warm-up time and there's a user-programmable sleep mode which puts the printer into
low-power hibernation after a set period with no operation. Operation is extremely economical, with the price of a single printed sheet little more than the cost of the paper.